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Coming to Shore

Happy 2022 beautiful blog readers!

"you are the river and I am the shore" a line from one of my favourite songs by Loggins and Messina - I date myself ;)

So symbolic to me at this time as we've all been somewhat adrift for so long, but now we're coming back. Back to the people and things we enjoy. That list of most treasured things has changed (become shorter) for me. Have you reassessed priorities? Changed your direction? Maybe where you live? Many of these things in my life have changed and I love to say, it's been an invaluable and exciting adventure in many ways. Sure, I'm a little scared of what this year will look like, but I've always said (my daughter will attest)...don't let fear stop you. This painting represents the "coming to shore" as we collectively, cautiously and gently embrace our faithful shores.... "winding and swirling and dancing along...."


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