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I'm in!

Do you remember my confusion with NFTs?? Well, I found out that this is basically another platform, with a different currency. At least that's what I know up to now. One can post any type of one-of-a-kind asset, apply a crypto-value on it and see what happens... (lol - called Open Sea...good name)

There is much to learn, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

There's a lot of tension created when you step out of your comfort zone and I'd like to think that I live uncomfortably at least a little every day. Creating art has it's own tensions and evolving as an artist can be daunting. Will I achieve the emotion I hope? Will the results be according to plan (make no plans)? Will it be valued? Will my followers think I'm crazy? Will I think I'm crazy?? (I already know the answer to that one).

But it's a love affair between us and our adventures and no matter what anyone else feels or thinks, it's only you and me that gain from going through the discomfort to arrive at the new discovery.

I'm a little crazy about this new painting and could easily find a cave (and by cave, I mean an incredible studio with awesome natural light, tall ceilings, and endless wall space ) and just create!

Call me crazy, but anything's possible with a little love!!!

8x8 oil on repurposed canvas

Have an adventurous and love-filled summer :)

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