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Inspiration a World Away

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Greece - what a trip!

I recently returned from a 2 week trip to Greece...specifically the island of Limnos (Lemnos). More specifically Lychna, a small village with a population of 110 (the same as a small condo). The villages on the island of Limnos are very old and some remnants of ancient structures still exist. They have uncovered structures that date back to the Archaic period, which is the end of the 6th century BC!

The Limnos hillsides are dotted with grazing sheep and every morning we woke at 5 am, to the sounds of roosters, donkeys, sheep, and dogs, all in complete harmony. It was incredible.

My main reason for travelling to Greece was to support my awesome sister, who was visiting her late husband's family home for the first time after he passed away. They had completed a major renovation, after the earthquake in 2014 had left theirs and many villages on the island, with extensive damage and their ancestral home, unlivable. It was a huge task, with lots of loose ends to tie and finishing touches to tend to in the house. But what an amazing job they did! The reno is complete and ready for visitors! Not only is the house quaint and beautiful, the village is made up of great neighbours and one of the best restaurants on the island. Needless to say, we ate and drank like royalty.

Limnos had some of the most amazing vistas in the world

(I may be bias). But really, it was one of the most inspiring trips I've taken to-date.

So, you may have already guessed that for the next little while, you'll be seeing my paintings reflect the beauty of this quaint and inspiring island of Limnos. I hope you enjoy!!

Have a wonderful, safe and adventurous summer!



My photo of St. Peter's Chapel, Moudros

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