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Signs of Fall!

We're still intoxicated from the hazy lazy daze of summer, and then ragweed so rudely sheds its pollen into the wind and BAM, eyes and noses are reminded of the change. Suddenly there's so much to do and the calendar is full into November. November's the month to pause before the Christmas Season....good lord...sorry, I'll get back to fall, even though it's still summer. Summer's busy, but busy with FUN.

Other signs of fall....Leaves starting to change colour, fall fashion on display and summer bits and bobs go on sale, back to school excitement and most importantly - Pumpkin Spice lattes are now available!!!

As soon as leaves start changing, so does art. Artists get inspired by the changing landscapes. I think we all look forward to renewed energy that comes with each new season. We love the layering of sweaters, and fashion scarves, without being bogged down by winter coats. The cooler, fresher autumnal air without the frigid snow. And here in Ontario, Canada, we have the most incredible landscapes in the fall! The mass of green turns into an incredible kaleidoscope of colour. There are WOW moments everywhere you look.

We're hopefully past the worst of COVID and happy to be focusing on the small joys that come with changing seasons and looking forward to fall - maybe even getting started on Christmas shopping (stop me).

Have a great last daze of summer!


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