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Springing Forward

Spring is considered by many as the beginning of the new year. That makes sense to me,

since it's the time to shake off the dirt from the entry mat, start paintings with a new palette, make amazing new plans to be more active.....and of course a lighter, brighter wardrobe (this may be the most important element ;) ).

This year in particular is incredibly energized, with a new purpose. If we all remember back to last year at this time, we (and by we, I mean me) were still very weary about getting out into the world, making plans or being involved. I hated it. But this year has been much fuller, more active and lots to it should be!

Now that spring is here, I have an incredible desire to cast my net further and take on more and more. Inspired by not only my beautiful daughter, who is so brave, hard working and adventurous, but also all the women over 50 ...okay over 60, who are crushing it!!!

I'm wishing everyone a Happy "New Year" and wonderful new beginnings with less fear and more success for many years to come!

Be kind and have fun!!

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