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Not just a regular spring, but one with a rare total solar eclipse. If you ask me, it has felt like we've been in an eclipse since September!

Will you be outside watching the eclipse? Will you travel to Niagara to get the best view? Not to get political, but "state of emergency"??

We're so overprotected aren't we? Remember when we were kids and we ate food we dropped on the street? Or only washed our hands at dinnertime because mom said we had to?

(is this blog only going to be questions?)

What do you call it when you fall in love on April 8, 2024?

A total eclipse of the heart!

Okay, enough. What I'd really like to say is that I wish you a skip in your step and warmth in your smile as we rise from our gloomy winter caves and back to life with clear sunny skies and green lush nature. Which is always an inspiration ;)

Happy Spring everyone!

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Love this! I remember times like that as well! Congrats on your piece being a part of the Newmarket juried show. It’s a beautiful painting. 😍

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